Monthly Archives: June 2013

Project SMID: Mission Distracted

So I was on a mission this weekend to find a mirror for the downstairs bathroom and a few other pieces that we need for downstairs.  My friend Jeannie was having a sale at the Pink House.  I went with a plan. I went with a very detailed list and what did I see?  An… Read more »

Smid ♡’s details: Lovin’ On Coasters & Trays

I’m a little bit nuts over coasters and trays. Stewart always teases me; “Babe, do you really need another tray. You have coasters and trays everywhere. You put coasters ON trays when the coasters are supposed to technically stop the condensation.” Well, this is true. I do put coasters on trays. I also double up… Read more »

Project SMID – One Step At A Time

You know when you have that feeling, that if one thing could get done, everything else would fall into place? And when that one thing  is being held hostage or by your own indecision, that one thing is delayed, leaving you with the sense that it won’t ever come together? It’s crippling. Well, before SMID,… Read more »