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Project SMID: Getting worse before it gets better…

I am so stressed out. It feels like everything is getting worse before it gets better. The yard is torn up right now because I hired a team to implement my vision for our garden. I designed an english garden layout that will include stone, moss and pea gravel walk ways, a gorgeous antique gate… Read more »

Project SMID: Big Week

It’s been a big week so far. I made a decision on my logo and essentially my business cards. I wanted to give you a little peek. This is not the “official” card. The print order goes in this week. I couldn’t help it. I got so excited when I made the decision. I printed… Read more »

Project SMID: Couldn’t wait

Well, it’s not done yet but, I couldn’t wait. I had to show you. I’ve been staring at the ceiling of my new indoor/outdoor kitchen for months…knowing exactly what I wanted to do up there but not able to start on the lighting project until recently. My niche is harmonizing vintage, modern, industrial interiors while… Read more »