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Flea Market With Me: My New Love For Rugs

Recently, I have been on a pretty intense mission to find beautiful throw rugs for clients. I wanted to find unique pieces with more depth or character than what you typically see in a store.  In the past, personally, I have tended to lean toward the heavy classic faded oriental or a basic hide simply because of their clean lines, lower… Read more »

Smid Stylin’: My First Fashion Post

I think by now you’ve figured out I’m in love with all things vintage (with the emphasis on All Things). And even with as much fun as I have styling homes, I have just as much fun if not more, getting dressed. My rules of thumb: Dress how you feel. Dress how you want to… Read more »

Flea Market With Me: Never Lose Heart

I flea market at least once a month. And every time I go, I worry I won’t find what I need. My entire business concept is based on mixing old with new. It’s a fine balance and really a dance to pull these pieces together without over powering the design. I never want a space… Read more »