I flea market at least once a month. And every time I go, I worry I won’t find what I need. My entire business concept is based on mixing old with new. It’s a fine balance and really a dance to pull these pieces together without over powering the design. I never want a space to look like Grandma’s home. I am not attempting to offend any of you or your Grandmas. In fact, chances are I would like most things in Grandma’s space. I just don’t want it all in one place; the way they do it. I am very selective in how these things are paired.

So, it’s extremely important that these shopping trips are successful. The vintage pieces I bring in need to be significant statements and or simple clean line industrial pieces to help tone down the injected glamour.

On my last two trips I was on a very important mission. I needed to find a brass chandelier for a client’s family room. I wanted something bigger, more powerful but not over the top with your typical crystals. I needed more brass, more dimension, more interest and more intensity.

I had my friend Renata Stone with me. She was on a mission for three things; pewter or brass goblets, a mid-century cylindar pendant for her family room and some textiles.

On the last few flea trips I had seen beautiful pendants, lamps and sconces. I was expecting to see the same this time. In fact, for the first 10-12 rows, we did see this. It was also all over-priced and not exactly what we were looking for. One of the goblets Renata found first was $150…each. CRAE!

I felt myself getting down and losing heart. Renata was disappointed too. I just knew this trip was a bust. I don’t know why because these trips never let me down. I should know better. Frankly, for a few minutes, we even forgot the fact that we were together for the whole day.  That was the best part about that day!

And then,  we saw her, standing there as if we were meant to be together…FOREVER. Katarina, in all her glory! And I fell in love with the flea market all over again.

Never lose heart!

Xo, Smid

Meet Katarina:

Image 10

See my other finds here:

Image 3

The most brilliant lamp shade ever.


Image 5

Not exactly furniture, but what a great dress! I get distracted sometimes.

Image 13

Vintage trunks. In case it wasn’t obvious.

Image 4 Image 8 Image 9 Image 12 Image 14 ImageImage 2 Image 1

Oh and Renata found all her things too! 🙂

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