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For this past month’s flea marketing trip, Renata Amazonas Photography asked if they could tag along and see Smid in action. We wanted to share the trip.

Now I am not really good with the cameras. In fact they make me really nervous on most occasions. I have always preferred more abstract shots of myself where my head is cut out and I am doing things. Important things of’ course. But really, things that keep me busy and have my undivided attention. Otherwise, I end up with a stiff mouth and angry eyes. I’m not really angry. It happens on personal time as well. Right before my husband snaps a picture with his iPhone, he says, “Smile and look sexy.” Well, excuse me, I thought I was already doing that. Upon review, I do looked pissed off. Damn. I can’t nail sexy!

Anyway, surprisingly enough, Renata molded right in. I got deep into my typical shopping ritual and nearly forgot she was there. It made things feel quite normal. My expressions are priceless in some of them. Who knew how much fun I had at these things? 😉 I’m kidding! Everyone knows how much fun I have at these things.

Check out our finds from this trip.

Photos by Renata Amazonas

Enjoy! Xo Smid

Smid 3 Smid 2 Smid 12 Smid 9

Smid 29 Smid 28 Smid 32 Smid 42 Smid 40 Smid 38 Smid 37 Smid 48 Smid 47 Smid 46 Smid 19 Smid 21 Smid 20 Smid 31

Smid 49Smid 35


3 Responses to “Flea Market With Me: “Take Two””

  1. Janet

    May I ask which flea market you were at (we just don’t have THAT kind of variety where I live?). Lovely pieces. And where is your shoulder bag from?

    • Betsy

      Hi Janet! Thank you. This trip was the Long Beach Flea Market, every 3rd Sunday of the month. I also like to visit the Rose Bowl in Pasadena and the Palm Springs Flea. You may have one near you that you are not aware of. Where are you located? I might be able to find one for you. The bag was a vintage find from a place called Home in Encinitas.

  2. Janet

    Thanks for responding! I live in the Fraser Valley, British Columbia where we have a serious lack of proper flea markets. We’ve tried them all only to be disappointed (including Vancouver’s – can we say glorified dollar store tables??). If you have any input, I’d love to hear. When we visit my sister in LA, we try to head to the local flea markets. The ones you show are so consistently incredible. Thanks for the input on your bag too!


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