If you follow me on Instagram (@smidthat), you may remember these sweet finds. They are vintage hardware from an old hotel.
I waited six months for these beauties. Well…, actually, I found them six months prior. I left them because I wasn’t 100% sure they would work, meaning that they would work as functioning hardware and provide security for the house. I knew they would work design wise, of course. I talked to my door guy (at the time), who talked me out of them. GAAHH! I tried to find the hardware that was “meant to be on these doors,” only to find myself still not satisfied with my options six months later. So I went back and bought them. Thankfully, no one else realized how good they were in that time frame.

My friend, that I am doing a lot more work with, Erich Remmling, the guy who saved my life! I mean my barn doors. No! I mean my life. Erich appreciates me and my notion for creativity. Ever since I met Erich he has helped me find a way. Just so you know, there is always a way to make things work. It just depends on how bad you want it and how much your willing to pay. Fortunately for me, in this case, it wasn’t how much I wanted to pay. It was, how bad did I want it to work? BAD…real bad.

I love this hardware. Honestly, I don’t know why I left it. I bet your remembering this post right now. And you’re probably thinking I should have learned my lesson. Ok! You’re right and I have since learned my lesson. To be fair, those two moments of indecision happened around the same time. You’re right again. I must have lost my mind. How could anyone in their right mind leave these. Well I’ve been back to the old me ever since and my poor garage can’t handle it…neither can my husband. But one day, I might have the perfect spot for these things!


Photos by Renata Stone

That hardware!

That hardware! Dramatic? Nahhh!




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