My plumber calls this frankenstein design but I most definitely disagree!
I had a vision or a feel in mind for this bathroom when we started the renovations but, truth be told, I did not know exactly what the hardware would be. I only knew the look and feel I wanted. I spent more time than I would like to admit looking through all the different bathroom hardware that exists out there. I know, I didn’t actually look through ALL that is out there but, I seriously went through many books, websites and magazines with a fine tooth comb.

I found some beautiful hardware. It just wasn’t anything that grabbed me. It all starts to look the same anyway when you have examined a very large number of websites. For me, everything needed to play off each other perfectly. The hardware couldn’t be too polished. It couldn’t be too brass, or chrome or that “perfect,” “not real” bronze finish. Ooh…just saying that makes me cringe. It couldn’t be too curved or too….yada, yada, yada.

Stewart said at the time, “If you’re going to rip everything apart like this and poke holes in the all the other designs, why don’t you just design it yourself?”

“What?” I said, “That’s brilliant!” Wow! And that…. is why I keep him around.  And for many other reasons, of’ course! 😉

Decision made!  So I start discussing my vision with Eddie, my plumber friend. His reaction, “That’s not going to work.” I tell myself to take deep breaths. “Tell me why, exactly.” I said. Well, we went on and on AND ON. He finally succumbed and asked for a picture, a drawing and whatever else might help him see “the vision.”

I went to home depot and bought these massive brass valves with red coated knobs. I drew out the picture and shared another couple of pictures where I pulled my inspiration. I was so pumped. This was it! Really!

His reaction…, “Oh! I get it. You want frankenstein and sh**t.” REALLY? My design, all this discussion, the drawing, my inspiration board and this is what he says? I was so puzzled and annoyed.  Sometimes people really just dont get it. I knew this design would be edgy and something very different from the norm. So I was ready to push back.  My response, “Um, sure! If I agree, will you do it for me?”

I personally think it’s amazing. Everything you see here with the hardware is custom made, with the exception of the shower head. I finally found that, after endless searching. The bathroom turned out really great. Eddie did an awesome job. The best part is…as the water runs through the pipes, they patina naturally. The brass valves are turning darker and matching the copper plumbing.

Eddie came by the other day. He got so excited. You would think I turned him gay. I have a knack for that, you know. He was stoked with the look of the bathroom. He wanted to take pictures. He talked about how the brick wall made everything open up and feel warmer. He started talking about how we should sand-blast the toilet to make it match the cement. Whoah….easy buddy. Don’t get ahead of yourself and definitely don’t hurt yourself. There’s a first time for everyone. I love teasing Eddie. He is a phenomenal plumber.



This shower head is 12″ in diameter and feels as if you are in a rain forest when standing under it.







5 Responses to “Project SMID: Frankenstein Design”

  1. Katie

    AMAZING- Looks exactly what I want my outdoor shower. Please, oh please tell me where you found the shower head? I’ve spent countless hours looking for a 12″ shower head that is not in the same old shiny chrome finish!

    • SMIDthat

      lol – Hi Katie! Thank you! I feel your pain on the shower head. It took me forever too and I was so pumped when I finally found this one. It’s by Santec and is an all-copper shower head. I went through

      Good luck! Smid


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