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A Magical Night With My Favorite Things

I knew I wanted to do something on my birthday. I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted though. What I did know is that I wanted to surround myself with my good friends, have some great laughs and make more memories.  It was a significant milestone for me and felt worthy of something fun. When I finally decided… Read more »

Smid ♡’s details: Making time for the details

When you think you’ve planned enough dinner parties, hosted many guests and your house is pretty well designed , you think it shouldn’t be too hard to pull it together again for another round of guests. Think again!. Well…I encourage you to think again. I have gone through this so many times and still struggle… Read more »

My Work: What is it with me and pink?

What the heck is it? I’m drawn to the color pink. I LOVE pink. I think. I love seeing pink tufted velvet couches, rich pink vintage satin curtains against baroque wallpaper in old movies. I love pink hair, pink cheeks, pink cotton candy and pink lipstick (although I don’t wear it). I started #mypinkkick on instagram… Read more »