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letting the artist lead

When you hire Smid to design your space be prepared to give up creative control. You might feel compelled to tell her what you envisioned for the space or show her pictures of what you really love or talk to her about a style that you’re drawn to but in my experience it’s much more… Read more »

it’s personal: the lab by smid (guest post)

I’m a reformed hoarder. Well, maybe. Lets talk. I’m Superchris and I just really really love old stuff. I love finding it and buying it and playing with it and arranging it and experimenting with it. I love clothes and shoes and chairs and bowls and fabric and paper and baskets and 80’s oak office… Read more »

Smid ♡’s details: Making time for the details

When you think you’ve planned enough dinner parties, hosted many guests and your house is pretty well designed , you think it shouldn’t be too hard to pull it together again for another round of guests. Think again!. Well…I encourage you to think again. I have gone through this so many times and still struggle… Read more »