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Project Smid: A Surprise Visit To the LA Ghetto

There aren’t many things I wouldn’t do for a score. A score by my definition is something that is charished, worthy of interior praise and usually in my case, vintage I can’t live without. I have been convinced by one of my friends to tell the story about my unexpected furniture pick up in the LA… Read more »

Smid Haven: SD Mag’s Holiday Fete

As you may have learned in my most recent post, Smid partnered up with Hostess Haven to design dining spaces for the major Holidays through out the year. There were several reasons we made this move.  One of them, was to share different ways you could style the same table/same room for the holidays.  Another, was to… Read more »

Smid Haven: Thanksgiving Table

Since moving into the design space, I’ve noticed that I get so wrapped up in designing other people’s homes/projects, that it literally consumes my mind. I’ll be mid-sentence and have a design idea pop into my head and I run away with it.  I obsess over the last additions or final details that go into a… Read more »