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Palm Springs, CA is always a good idea. I heart Palm Springs with all my heart. It has been one of my fav California getaways since I first moved to Cali 11 years ago. That’s mostly because of all the design inspo you can eat up while there. The P.S. flea market?

Well, I finally got out there last weekend with Super Chris to see what it was all about. It’s always on the first Sunday of every month but none of my trips out there had lined up just yet.  So we planned a trip just for this.  That flea market is adorable, small, and quaint. It’s also navigable and the vendors are very friendly and knowledgeable. It’s not a MUST in my monthly antique market repertoire but it IS a nice to have. My next inspo trip out to Palm Springs will be scheduled around this market if possible. In my brief experience, it is very hit or miss. However some of the vendors have a really good eye for pieces and it’s likely only a matter of timing with them. There are also some great hot spots for vintage shopping in general in Palm Springs and worth hitting up. So if you are out there on the first Sunday of the month, it is a great place to stop and add to your other plans.  You never know what you might find.

Check out our finds from last weekend. The gold stepping stool is going in the studio. The brass pendant light into a new office reno. And the creepy head? Well for now, I’m just adding it to my collection.

Photos by Super Chris

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IMG_3629It’s true. Kartell chairs were not on my list. But you don’t leave a set of 10 Kartell chairs in this color EVER! Here’s how it went down. Super Chris and I were shopping at the Long Beach Antique Market. We were on a mission for art work for a couple of clients, a head board and carved salvaged wood for above a fireplace.

I always go shopping with a list. I also always keep the playing field open. Most of my designs have been inspired by unexpected pieces, pieces that are worthy of shaping a room. So I rarely shut down an amazing opportunity. That’s what happened when I saw these beautiful green ghost chairs. I know the vendor who was selling these. He knows I’m a sucker for unique vintage anything and always works me hard. But these! These were screaming at me. Especially when I found out there were 10 of them. He had me at two! And then 10? I was dead, helpless and couldn’t defend myself. You can see me freaking out in the video below. Compliments of Super Chris.

Anyway, we bought them. Obviously! We know the plan for two of them right now. They will be spear heading the design concept for an office. The rest may just go up in the Smid Shop TBD. We will keep you posted because it’s going to be some kind of wonderful.

I did find some beautiful art and feel really good about the selection and checking those off the list. I am always amazed at the variety and the potential of great art at flea markets. In fact, next month we will be visiting long beach with an art consultant. She plans to teach us about finding the right art, the value and what she thinks about when pairing them together. I’m kind of excited about this!

P.S. The really random helmut with spikes at the end. Oh boy! All I gotta say is, YOU JUST WAIT. Long Beach Market is always on point.

Fun Photos/Video by SuperChris, Smid Design Assistant

xo smid
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I knew I wanted to do something on my birthday. I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted though. What I did know is that I wanted to surround myself with my good friends, have some great laughs and make more memories.  It was a significant milestone for me and felt worthy of something fun.

When I finally decided on a dinner party outside, I started racking my brain on exactly what I wanted it to look like. At first, nothing felt right.  I kept taking myself down different paths of design or party themes, like the 1960s, a Great Gatsby feel or white and high glam. (That felt too old lady!) I also considered cooking out with all the flannels. (Maybe too casual for my 40th?) I was trying to figure out what would be more me, more fab, yet comfortable. And then it hit me! Why am I making this so difficult? Why wouldn’t I just design this party around the things I love most?

So I made a list of my favorite things; tacos, champagne, chocolate tarts, crystals, cactus, vintage doors, trays, chandeliers, cafe lights,  textiles and maybe a little pink. Yes! All of this felt right. I would have all these things. It would all be outside and all my favorite people would be around me.

I borrowed a blanket I loved that fit my vision from Chris (Superchris77), grabbed some crystals, a cactus and took a picture.The photo would be my inspiration and the party would build from here. I got on the phone with Farra (Hostess Haven) and we started planning our next Smidhaven concept in honor of my big evening.

I truly feel blessed to have such amazing friends that love me for who I am, support me and inspire me. If it wasn’t for them, the evening would not have looked or felt the same. It was magical and full of sweet and quite hilarious memories.

Renata Stone (Big Bear Photo) came all the way from Salt Lake City to be with me on my special day pop over here. She left her husband who just recently had ACL surgery. Oof! She loves me and I love her so hard. Renata doesn’t love to show too much physical affection. So when she surprised me with capturing all these beautiful images, clearly I considered holding her down and kissing her. She captured everything exactly as it was. I’m so grateful to have these.

A Special thanks to Farra (Hostess Haven) for being a great partner in inspiration, for helping me pair crystal glasses with cactus and for making me FIVE chocolate tarts for the evening; clearly not enough!  My friend Juan (A MIHO Experience) made me tacos guisados, the perfect elegant and casual taco bar spread. Thank you Tina (Miss Multee) for helping polish the table with hand painted name cards on leather scraps. Thank you my sister, Rachael (Siren Floral Co.) for letting me borrow all of the cactus. Melissa (Pow Wow Design Studio), one of my design soul mates, let me borrow the epic pew from her home and all the benches to keep it casual and intimate. And dear Chris (Super Chris), your doors were amazing! What did I do without you? I don’t know. Let’s not talk about it! You make work even more fun and we wouldn’t have been ready or as clear headed without you.

Xo Smid

Images captured by Big Bear Photo

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