The photo shoot went really well. Most importantly, I made it to the photo shoot without collapsing. I haven’t seen very many pictures however. These things take time.  I have only had a peek at a few (all fun) and this is one of them. I know in my gut it went well. You know how you can just tell you are working with the right person or that they really understand you?

I wanted to work with someone that was artsy, stylish, someone that was not mainstream and someone that would appreciate my work and understand how it should be captured. It’s not just a photo shoot of a room. It’s art. It’s really important to me to get this right.

Renata Stone is just a really amazing woman in general. I knew that she would “get me” and knew that she would understand my work. She did not disappoint. From the moment she arrived for the shoot, she freaked out over the house and fell in love with the details I have slaved over, the textures I have obsessed over, the color palettes and combinations I chose. SHE pointed them out to me before I pointed these things out to her. Love again at 4th sight! xoxo Renata Stone.

I had a shot list that I worked on for days before the shoot. I knew exactly what I wanted to capture and how I wanted it captured. I didn’t show it to her!!?? I didn’t even show her the list after I had been working on it for days.

I am so picky about these things. I salivate over certain pieces I choose to pair together. I hunt for the perfect pieces for months. I view these pieces as the art collection for the house or space. I obsess over angles, patterns, textures. I sit in my claw-foot tub for hours and get creative for the next touches to a room. Wierd, I know! But, it’s me and it works for me.

I had my friend Erich, the guy who saved my life and/or my barn doors, moving my kids room around with me, testing different angles and ways to hang the curtains with those angles. I was having fun and totally engulfed in the process. He actually stopped and said to me, “ok really, I have things to do and people to see.” Whoops!

My point is that I pour so much into the detail. I see things differently and I want to share that through my work and through these photos. When Renata started sharing her feedback on my work and what she loved about it, I knew she had it. She connected with me on a deeper level and I let her roll with it. So I didn’t show her the list.

Rachael, friend, family, nanny and the babe from Lace and Likes, did the flowers for the shoot. She also knows who I am, a lot about my vision and what should be pulled out of this shoot. The flowers looked amazing. I can’t wait to post the pictures.

It was such a super high to reach this day and such a hard push to have everything ready for the shoot, that the moment it was over, I crawled onto the bottom bunk of my kids’ bed with Stewart and we laid there and watched the kids play house.

It was so relaxing and so satisfying to have hit this major milestone for SMID and to be supported so much by my little family. I went quiet for a few days after the shoot and just enjoyed them, the accomplishments made so far, and the fact that I am so fortunate to be able to do this.

Today, I’ve gotta put my game face back on. The launch party is the next major milestone and is just around the corner – August 29th.


It’s only one day to the photo shoot. My body feels like it weighs two tons. Everything hurts. I have had a record number of break downs this week. My hubby has been yelled at and has taken it gracefully. I am undeserving.

I am so tired. I was feeding the dogs yesterday morning. They’re on a raw diet (totally spoiled). I was making their breakfast while I was eating mine. I scooped a huge chunk of raw meat into my cereal bowl – YUCK. I just threw up a little in my mouth again.

This morning, I decided that I should have a starbucks triple shot americano in a small cup so that I’d wake up and also paint without worrying about any of my mugs. I pulled into the drive-thru. Ok, that’s my first problem. I am usually against a drive-thru in general but then, a coffee drive thru? Come on. Get off your rear-end and walk in there and get it. But, I hurt so bad and I felt so heavy (long hours of painting and sanding). I pulled up and started ordering only to realize I was ordering at a sign and the intercom was about two cars up. I bet the people behind me got a kick out of that. Technically, that is why you are at Starbucks; to get caffeine and start functioning. Give me that!

I have been pushing so hard to get everything done in time for the shoot. There have been a number of unexpected set backs; the barn door re-installation I shared with you already, one of my cooler lamps broke in the guest room while curtains were being put up and then the kicker…

My kids beds were little steel french day beds. They snapped in half this week. THIS WEEK of all weeks. They were getting older and beat up from the jumping and all the other kid stuff. I spent 15 hours (well what felt like 15 hours) spraying these beds a metallic silver and getting them the perfect color.

I had been contemplating bunk beds for the little ones because they share a room. It just helps create more play space and openness if your ceilings are high enough. This is where is gets funny for me or where I have to laugh or I will cry.

I decided I didn’t have the time, money or energy to go to IKEA, buy the wooden bed, put it together and paint it before the launch. My kids also could have benefited from waiting until the next holiday for another present. Then the bloody things broke. I don’t believe in spending a ton of money on things that my kids will just out-grow in a short period of time. It’s a catch-22, I guess, because I went IKEA three years ago and they broke. Bunk beds it is! I went to IKEA again this time for the bunks but they are wood and should last longer…technically.

I had Rach pick up the bed while I stayed back and worked on some projects. When the delivery arrived, I opened the box and all these little peices of wood came out and a giant bag of hardware…breakdown #3.

So overwhelmed!

1st thought – I can’t do this.
No 1st thought – Going to die!
2nd thought – I can’t do this.
3rd thought – What neighbors can I convince to come get drunk with me while we put together this heap of wood?
4th thought – Never gonna make it for the shoot.

Stewart is out of town. I couldn’t find any neighbors around. Hmmmmm? Rach helped me with the two ends of the bunk. Then it was just me and my glass of wine that got me through it…somehow.

I painted the bed the same silver as the closet. It’s beautiful. I’m obsessed with this color. The color picks up the hues in the curtains which just arrived last week!!! I told you the curtains would make the room. They bring a sense of playfulness to the room and soften the industrial pieces. They also frame the carousel that was a hand-me-down from my friend Pam. The bed indeed gives the room more space and opens things up. Guess the bunks were meant to be.


I am thrilled with this room and I did get it done before the deadline.  It turned out exactly the way I originally envisioned. Check out my story board that got it all started.
I can breath a little better. Still pushing today however. Rach is helping me with the flowers for the shoot. I am reworking a lamp. I need to finish the paint job above the barn doors. I am installing my office closet doors…wait till you see those. They are pretty snazy. There is still a lot to be done. I can’t wait to have a mimosa and take on this photo shoot.


This past week went by way too quickly and we are already well into this week. I am feeling the photo shoot (July 27th) and the launch party (August 29th) closing in on me. So much has to be done and not much time is left. I am freaking out.

As you know, I attended the Design Love Fest Floral Workshop this past weekend. We had plans, my littles, my hubby and me, to stay in LA for the weekend. The kids were going to ride the train with Dad up to LA. I was going to pick them up from the train station and take them back to a boutique hotel (that part was for me). Sunday, we had plans to hit the Rose Bowl Flea Market. The kids were pumped. Stewart was excited. We were all pumped for the weekend. And then, we were all seriously bummed. I cancelled the plans and decided to come straight home from the floral workshop.

This Launch is a huge priority for me. With less than 2 months to the launch and less than two weeks to the photo shoot, I need to focus a lot of my energy on SMID.

Besides, I really don’t “need” anything from the flea market right now. I am the type of person that will buy a great find even if I don’t have room or a place in mind for it. If it’s a great find, it simply should come home with me. My space is so full of those pieces right now. I might need to expand to store any more. This is not great for my work space but it will be great for my clients as I will always have great finds on hand.

Right now, it’s better that I focus on “the list.” There are quite a lot of things to be done. This vintage rocking bench was one of them. I had plans to paint this bench eight weeks ago. Ok, if I’m going to be truthful, it’s been sitting out in our yard for over a year screaming for a paint job. I only decided on the color eight weeks ago.

It was on my agenda but other important things kept coming up. It was actually getting quite annoying because it was becoming a “rolling” weekend agenda item. I was starting to get some eye-rolling when I mentioned it. I wasn’t taken seriously and that makes me nuts. I needed to “get her done.”

I inhaled so much spray paint and took it in the face a few times…Brutal! She looks good though!



Smid that! Rustoleum Metallic Gold – so sexy!


The before…she’s cute but, not SMID.